Our Team

We are a small team of vetted and talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience who believe in working together to ensure that you meet your goals. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

We all have our niches and match you with one of the therapists on our team to join you on your journey to transforming your life. We work together with you. We are on YOUR team.

Nicole Corbett


Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Nicole is an action oriented therapist who is known for her abilities to outwit anxiety and to celebrate bonds between people. She is theoretically alligned with attachement theories and offers supportive cognitive behaviour therapy to individuals who struggle with anxiety, mood issues, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, burnout, stress, adjustment disorders, PTSD, and other issues. She is also exceptionnally skilled at helping couples navigate the hardships when one person is struggling with a mental health issue. She is motivated to help her clients quickly and efficiently. She embodies the vision of Ensemble Counselling by striving to help others acheive their personal and professional goals.

Elizabeth Moss


Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Liz is accepting new clients and has immediate availability for virtual sessions

Liz is a warm and approachable therapist who believes in the power of resiliency.  She is always there to lend a smile. Liz is non-judgemental and an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. She is devoted to helping others and is a resource & referral genius. If she isn’t sure how to help, Liz will find out, quickly and efficiently. She understands living with chronic illness, the issues that occur when aging, dysfunctional families and the challenges of military life and trauma. She offers cognitive behavioural therapy and EMDR to individuals experiencing anxiety, burnout and stress, depression, illness or injury adjustment problems, and PTSD.

Dave McRae



Dave is accepting new clients!

Dave comes to us with 25 years experience working in the mental health field. He is as an experienced therapist who has worked with clients across the lifespan who struggle with harsh life experiences or complex mental health issues. In his interactions with clients, he has consistently worn his trauma goggles and remains curious and easy going. He is passionate about creating genuine connections and helping people reach their full potential – whether that be through psychotherapy, community involvement or through sports coaching.  Dave is genuine and non-judgmental. He works with unconditional acceptance. He is willing to embark on the healing journey along with his clients and help them stand up through their challenges to be more aligned with their own values and preferences. 

While Dave is knowledgeable in working with many life issues and through various modalities, Dave’s unique guru ability is working with parents and adults who struggle with emotional regulation and behavioural issues such as ADHD, the impact of learning challenges on life and issues impacting athletes.

Dave is accepting adult clients who struggle with ADHD as well as clients of all ages who are both athletes and who struggle with some elements of their mental health. Dave is able to hold virtual and in-person sessions in the Kingston area.

Given his experience in children’s mental health, Dave is also able to offer virtual parenting sessions for clients in Northern Ontario.

On his spare time, he can be found tossing around a football, enjoying the outdoors and talking about dogs.

Coming Soon

RP (Q)


We are building a case load!

Availability will be in the later afternoons / early evenings – with immediate availability for in-person sessions and virtual sessions.

Notre nouvelle arrivée est bilingue!

Elle a de l’expérience de travail avec les enfants ainsi qu’avec les adultes, et plus précisément avec les personnes âgés. Elle connaît très bien les obstacles présentées par les familles qui essayent d’offrir du soutien à ceux qui éprouvent des maladies quelconques ou qui sont atteints d’un trouble neurocognitif.

She strives for balance, believes that everyone possesses their own strengths and abilities, and has taken her own journey toward self-acceptance.

Elle est artistic, créative, franc mais toutefois sincère. Elle apprécies et est favorable à la diversité.

She is eager to help people navigate their mental health issues with empathy and compassion and to find ways to instill change in their lives that will stimulate healing and recovery.


Nicole’s Social Media Tourguide

Ariel is a pretty awesome person who has volunteered to help out with our social media presence so that we can focus on having our time dedicated to direct client time. She is slowly helping Nicole figure out how to have a better social media presence.

Feel free to give us any suggestions that you might have!

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