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Individual Sessions

50 minute sessions

Once your counsellor has learned about what is challenging you, and what your hopes and goals are for the counselling process, we will make a plan together. Sometimes clients are feeling so overwhelmed that they do not know where to begin and, if so, we can support you to figure that out.

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50 minute sessions

Youth often have their own unique challenges, struggles and strengths. They often want to attend counselling on their own to learn how to cope with their unique challenges. Supporting youth at this potentially complex time can be helpful in destigmatizing mental health, and promoting long-term wellness. Our counsellors respect the privacy and confidentiality of the youth that we work with.

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Our Practice believes strongly that wellness begins from creating a culture that promotes healthy thinking and emotional well-being. We provide seminars for individuals, groups and employers in order to assist individuals from various walks of life in creating healthy and safe environments that will support growth and overall wellness.  Nicole is an engaging public speakers who provide interactive and useful information that can be applied immediately to yield results. 

Nicole regularly facilitates psychoeducational groups, and as such, is comfortable presenting to both large and small audiences. She is approachable, knowledgeable and (she thinks) entertaining in presentation style and strives to provide practical solutions to the common dilemmas that impede optimal functioning.

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Couples / Marital Counselling Sessions

50 minutes sessions

Relationships are an integral part of living and sometimes they can be hard to navigate.  We can help provide support to help you on the path to fulfilling and healthy partnerships. Our counsellors are trained in a variety of modalities that can help such as the Gottman’s Method of couples counselling and Emotionally Focussed Therapy.

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Parent / Child Sessions

50 minute sessions

When working with children who are experiencing mental health challenges, it is beneficial to spend some time with the parent(s)/caregiver(s) as well. Our therapists often meets parent(s)/caregiver(s) on their own at first, and then meets with the child prior to planning out a treatment plan or future sessions.

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Our team often offer groups for community members to learn about tough issues as well as how to cope such as learning to live with anxiety, separation and divorce, grief and loss, healthy relationships and parenting.

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Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a hallmark of effective therapy. Both the OCSWSSW and the CRPO recognize the value of regular clinical supervision as part of the professional development plan for therapists.

Nicole is an experienced clinical social worker who holds strong beliefs about ethics and professional development for therapists. She is passionate about working with other therapists to improve their clinical skills and provide guidance to navigate clinical and ethical challenges. Nicole has developed a passion for mentoring others through difficult clinical decisions and their own self-care challenges. She prides herself on her ability to support and mentor colleagues in a manner that supports self-determination, professionalism and ethical practice.

Contact Nicole to discuss your plans for clinical supervision and to see how you can work with her to fulfill the requirements of your professional governing body.

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